The Beginning

Photographing drops is an art. It's like to paint. For me it's the same. And I say this because, in the past, I painted with watercolor and oil. The feelings, the emotions you feel during a shot are the same:
waiting, while preparing the set,
tension and nervousness, as he tries the shot you want
euphoria, when we finally reach the goal
disappointment, anger, when, after two hours, the result does not satisfy us fully

And as in painting or sculpture, you have to start a session knowing what you want. No painter or sculptor would put in front of a blank sheet of paper, or over a block of marble, without having in mind what does it get, hoping that something good will come out. The result would be only one set of patches of color or a piece of rock took by a hammer.

Then, set the target, do everything to get it, keeping in mind a fundamental thing: never change. If you see that light, colors, effects, you do not like, do not attempt to change and distort everything, just because you have set up the set and then you must necessarily come up with one click. In those moments you labored in the attempt, almost desperate, to bring out something good, but the result will be mediocre. In certain situations, however, dismantle and reset the whole brain. You'll try again the next day, with a clear mind.